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We provide high quality Chlorosulphonic Acid. Chlorosulphonic Acid is formulated using high grade chemical compounds procured from reliable sources only. Chlorosulfuric acid (IUPAC name: sulfurochloridic acid) is the inorganic compound with the formula HSO3Cl. It is also known as chlorosulfonic acid, being the sulfonic acid of chlorine. Furthermore, it is a distillable, colorless liquid that should be handled with care. Also, a hygroscopic and a powerful lachrymator.


  • Synonym: Monochlorosulfuric Acid, CSA, Acide Chlorosulfonique, Sulfuric Chlorohydrin
  • Molecular formula: CISO2OH
  • Clear to Light yellow liquid
  • Purity as CISO2OH, percent by mass, Min. Maximum limits of impurities Percent by mass.
  • Sulphuric acid (as H2SO4) and free SO3, if any (as SO3)